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Feeling like I'm Parenting by Myself

I just had my 2nd baby in 2 years. My husband has his good traits (I wouldn't have married him otherwise!), but he doesn't seem to have any desire to help with the two babies. We each have an older daughter from previous marriages (14 and 10) and now we have 2 children of our own (16 months and 8 weeks). I work, but am home on maternity leave. My husband thinks that since I am home, I can do all the child care plus take care of the house. I am run down. My friends aren't calling or coming around. I feel like I am doing this all by myself....

Baby's Bag

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Nursery Temperature / What Does Your Baby Wear?

Hello ladies / gentlemen (if any), I am wondering how warm or cool you keep your nursery and what your baby wears at night. Our daughter is 4 months old, and upon the pediatrician's recommendation we are letting her sleep through the night, which she is handling rather well. ("She said: An 18 pound baby does not need to eat at night." LOL) My concern is trying to get the room temperature / clothing right, now that I am not in there every 3 hours to check on her. The first night I put her in a long sleeved onesie and a Halo sleepsack ...