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Homemade Formula and Reflux

I posted a question regarding making homemade formula because my son has severe reflux, I guess I should have said in my post that I have previously posted a question regarding my son's reflux. Let me clear a few things up... My son has severe silent reflux, we have been to the hospital because he would stoped breathing. Yes, he is on medicine, Prevacid after trying Zantac which didn't work. We feed him upright, keep him elevated for at least 30 minutes afterwards, he sleeps elevated and ONLY lays flat to change his diaper. He is on...


SEVERE Diaper Rash!

My 17 month old daughter never really had diaper rash until about month ago...

Baby's Bag

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Can Anyone Recommend a Good Chlorine Free Baby Wipe?

I was using Earth's Best and ordering them off of Amazon, but the price has doubled! I was getting 12- 80 count packs for about $27. Can anyone recommend a wipe that is comparable? I have tried 7th Generation, but they're too dry. Thanks!


Baby Shower Questions

Hello! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am starting to think about registering for...


Baby's New Menu

Hi: My daughter is 17 weeks now, exclusively breastfed and she's grown like...