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Survey: Hospital Birth Versus Home Birth??

M.R. asks from Seattle

Did you hear? A young, Australian woman who lobbied for more support for home births has died after delivering her baby daughter at home. She was rushed to the ER in...


My 5 Year Old Is Begging to Be Present at the Birth of Our Baby.

C.W. asks from Orlando

Although we are'nt due until March 2012, my five year old daughter (who will be six in July of next year) has been asking pretty much every day if she is able to be p...


5 Year Old Cronic Constipation

S.R. asks from Pittsburgh

My 5 year old daughter has had constipation since she was born. She would go for 2 weeks without having a bowel movement. At times, she has been so constipated that s...


Staying Home with 5 Year Old

A.C. asks from Tulsa

Hey everyone. I am a SAHM of a 5 year old little boy who is in pre k this year. I have two step kids, but they are not with us much. I have chosen to continue to sta...


Any Hospital Birth Moms Out There?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I know that, for me, the hospital was my ideal place to give birth. I felt safer and more secure, just in the event either I or the baby needed medical attention tha...


Home Birth

K.B. asks from Wichita

Hello Everyone! My husband and I have recently decided to have a homebirth with our second child, due in August. We are very excited about our decision and I am anxio...


Coming Home from the Hospital Without My Child

H.C. asks from San Diego

I just had my second child 5 weeks early, so they kept him in the hospital for observation. He's doing really well, I just wish I were doing the same. I'm having a h...


Talk to 5 Year Old About Menstrual Cycle..???

T.F. asks from San Diego

Hi! Ok, I can't believe I have to ask this...I am very discrete about what needs to be done in the bathroom when I am on my cycle, but I have a VERY observant little ...


Need Help Explaining How Baby's Come Out to My 6 Year Old.

K.L. asks from Houston

I am 4 months pregnant and my 6 year old daughter is fascinated with the pregnancy. She has asked me several times how babies come out of the mommy's tummy. I told ...


For Those Who Choose Hospital over Home

J.L. asks from Lakeland

What types of things would convince you to birth at home or at a birth center if you are currently opposed? Or were opposed and than changed your view. Please onl...