Bribery: Elmo

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Bribery and When to Use Training Pants

J.O. asks from Corvallis

Hello Mamas! I have a 2.5+ yo daughter who we have been trying to potty train for about two months now. sometimes she sits on the potty sometimes she doesn't. We...


Rewards for Potty Use

J.M. asks from Denver

We're potty training our 27 mo old and using rewards when he goes. We were giving him food (m&m's, raisinets, etc) and stickers, but daycare told us that they cannot...


4 Yr Old Keeps Saying She Can't Poop in the Potty!

N.D. asks from Chicago

my DD just turned 4 and has been peeing in the toilet with no problems. But when she tries to poop she says "I can't go!" as she sits and tries to go. No constipa...


Potty Training

B. asks from Spartanburg

I have a 3 year old son and I am having a problem getting him potty trained. I have tryed the rewards but nothing seems to get him interested in the potty. Any ideas?


Potty Trianing 3 Year Old Boy

L.E. asks from Dallas

Hello mom’s, I am desperate for help. I’ve been trying to potty train my 3 year old boy for some time now with NO success. I’ve tried every bribery method tha...


Help My 3 Year Old Is Pooping in Her Pull-up

M.L. asks from Boston

Hi there, my 3 yr old daughter is potty trained. She has been since December. She poops on the potty and everything. She does wear pull-ups for nap and bed. For the p...


Potty Training a 2 Year Old Boy

J.W. asks from St. Louis

I haven't been able to keep up with reading these daily so I hope I'm not repeating a recent question..... I have a 26 month old who can share with me when he is goi...


Teeth Brushing Battle

A.H. asks from New York

Does anyone have a good method of brushing their toddler's teeth? My son is 16 months and has 14 teeth and he REFUSES to allow them to be brushed. We have tried singi...


Help, Morning Dressing Is a Struggle!

P.K. asks from Los Angeles

I need some advise, ideas, anything! It is such a struggle to get my 3 1/2 yr old daughter dressed in the mornings. I know some of this is normal but come on 45+ mins...


Potty Training

K.W. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl. We have been doing the pull ups for some time now. I even get the ones that gets cool when she wets. She will have days that s...