Breastfeeding: Toddler, Meijer

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M.S. asks from Columbus

My daughter is almost 10 weeks old and we are breastfeeding. While I was pregnant I decided to breast feed and I was like oh this will be so good for her and it will...



K.B. asks from Dayton

Ok ladies i have been breastfeeding my son since he was born one week ago. But he was having problems staying latched on so we decided that i would pump and give him ...


Has Anyone Used (Finugreek) While Breastfeeding?

S.C. asks from Cincinnati

Hi, I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old son. He just turned 4 months so he will be starting cereal. I haven't pumped any milk at all, I'm solely breastfee...


Going from Nursing to Formula at Six Months

M.N. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I have had to come to a decision that has been really hard but I need to start taking medicine. So I am looking for advice on a good formula that will hel...


What Do I Feed My 12 Month Old?

K.H. asks from Louisville

We just went to the doctor to get those wonderful 12 month shots. It actually went better than I had plan! My Doctor told me that I could take him off of formula no...


Breastfeeding & Lactation

P.K. asks from Detroit

I'm very frustrated with breastfeeding. I never had issues with any of the boys; however, I remember supplementing with them. For whatever reason (maybe because she...


Breastfeeding and VERY Hungry Baby

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

ok I am asking this question for my cousin because she cant find the answer in any of her breastfeeding books. I formula fed my son so I am clueless on the subject. o...


Help with a Underweight 2 Year Old..

E.C. asks from New York

Hi, my son just turned 2 and he is only 23 lbs. We have been dealing with his slow weight gain since he was about 18 month, Our pediatrician did blood work and sent h...


Breastfeeding Problems with Teething Baby

T.C. asks from Lexington

My daughter has been fussy lately with feeding. Until about a month ago, she always needed to nurse for at least 30-40 minutes at a time (at about 3-hour intervals),...


Need Food Ideas for My 17 Month Old DD

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hey mommas, I am stuck here with what to feed my little one. She is 17 months old and seems to have a milk protein allergy. We will know specific food allergies in...