Breastfeeding Alternatives: Target

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Milk Alternative That Isn't Soy...

a couple days ago i posted a question about my baby's eating habit/gas issues, and the most common response was to eliminate dairy... i drink a lot of milk, and i REALLY don't like soy (my grandmother used to force it on me when i was growing up and living with her...) i will drink it if i can't find anything else, but is there something else that works? mostly if i can eat it on cereal and it doesn't taste horrible it should be ok...

Cow's Milk

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Super Walmart or Super Target??

We have had a Super walmart in my area for awhile. I am not a rock solid fan of the mega store. But it has come in handy when I cant afford to hit up our Fred meyer/Kroger store. The target in our mall is getting renovated into a Super target. I am curious If you have shopped at both which one do you like better?? How is the produce at the Target?? Was the selection a good comparison to that or the Super Walmarts?? I am excited to get to try it out..just wanted to see some thoughts either way.

Powdered Milk

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Liquid Formula vs Powdered

Can anyone tell me if liquid enfamil formula is equally as good in nutrients etc as the powdered version. I have only used powdered but someone offred me some free liquid. I am expecting twins in sept. so thought if breast feeding does not go great I would use it.