Breastfeeding Alternatives: Myself

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Best Milk Alternative?

A.S. asks from Spokane

I'm trying to get myself off of milk, but I'm having a hard time finding an alternative that I like. So far I've tried: Rice Dream - Original Blue Diamond Almond Mi...


Best Alternative to Cow's Milk? (Updated)

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

My son cannot drink cow's milk. He has a milk protein allergy. We have tried, without success... -soy -goat's milk -lactose free cow's milk -almond milk Even...


Alternative to Crying It Out

K.I. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone tried sleep training their babies using alternative methods to crying it out? I cannot & will not leave my baby alone in his crib to cry alone in order to ...


Milk Alternative That Isn't Soy...

C.W. asks from Austin

a couple days ago i posted a question about my baby's eating habit/gas issues, and the most common response was to eliminate dairy... i drink a lot of milk, and i REA...


No More Milk!

G.S. asks from New York

My 2 1/2 year old daughter refuses to drink milk. She was sick several weeks ago and had vomitted due to flem in her tummy. Ever since that episode she will not drink...



H.C. asks from Oklahoma City

Is there such thing as too much milk for a 1 year old? My daughter is 13 months old and we recently made the switch to whole milk. I don't exactly know how much she s...


Alternative to Whole Cow's Milk for Infant?

A.M. asks from Dallas

My son just turned one and I have been giving him whole milk for the calories and calcium. He has not had any problems thus far. However, I am very concerned with the...


Alternative Sunscreen and Alternative/Holistic Groups

G.R. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, I am looking for a safe/er sunscreen for my 3 girls. I know most contain harmful chemicals and some are better than others. I usually shop at Whole foods. I...


Alternative Treatment for Hives

N.C. asks from Albuquerque

Hello fellow mommies. My 11 month hold daughter has the hives. Her doctor said it's from something she ate, but we are not 100% sure of exactly what caused her to b...


Alternative Medicine Cost So Much for Me. I Would like to Use Them

A.A. asks from Canton

I have a kid with ADHD, I don't want the drugs, Alternative Medicine is expensive. What can I do.