Breastfeeding Alternatives: Medela

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Medela Quick Steam Bags Question

Hi, moms. So I just bought the Medela quick steam clean bags. You are supposed to be able to clean bottles, pacifiers, some pump parts, etc. in the microwave with these bags. I'm confused though...when I opened the package, the directions say to wash parts in warm soapy water and THEN microwave. If I'm supposed to wash everything, then why would I also microwave them?? I thought these were supposed to clean the parts if you are on the go without hot water and dish soap or are in a hurry and need to clean several parts quickly? Has...


Milk Storage Bags

Does anyone know of any breast milk storage bags (for freezer) that can also...


Too Much Milk! Help!

Mamas, Has ANYONE dealt with WAY too much milk letting down? This is my 2nd...

Cow's Milk

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Should I Replace Parts on My Medela Pump?

I LOVE my Medela Pump which I purchased before having my son in 2008. I used it for a year while breastfeeding him and now I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. I plan to breastfeed him too, but was wondering if I would need to replace any parts of my Medela pump? I haven't used it in a couple years and it still looks great, but I have no idea if it still has the suction power I'll need or if the plastic parts need to be replaced. Obviously I can't test out the suction power since I'm not a cow yet, but wasn't sure if there was a...

Whole or Vitamin D Milk

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Used Medela Pump in Style

Would you buy a Medela Pump In Style that was very gently used (only used a few times a month), that is 8 years old? The owner reports it to be in excellent working condition, with some parts still in sealed bags... She wants only $65. My main concern is that it's 8 years old... I will replace all the personal parts, but I'm just a little leary about buying a pump that's 8 years old... but from what I understand, the Medelas hold up wonderfully. What do you think?


Avent vs Medela

Hello ladies! We just had out second child and are ecstatic! Without first...