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Sharing Breast Pump

M.H. asks from New York

Hi, I have a Medela Pump In Style which I would love to lend to my pregnant cousin, who's due in September. I'm currently still using it now, but by the time she d...


Medela Breast Pump Needed

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hey moms, my sister just had a baby on Friday. She has to go back to work by Halloween due to financial reasons. She is trying to breastfeed, but is unable to affor...


Good Breast Pump

T.T. asks from Peoria

I am due to have my second child in early November and am looking for an afordable breast pump. I have looked into alot of the name brands but alot of them do not ha...


The BEST Breast Pump.

A.H. asks from Modesto

Okay all you experienced moms, I need your help on choosing the best Breast Pump. I'm pregant with our second and bought one of the cheaper version breast pumps the ...


Breast Pump Advice

S.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I am due to have a baby soon and would like to try breastfeeding and I am looking for a good pump. There are so many out there I have had a hard time deciding which o...


Used Breast Pump

S.U. asks from New York

Hi mamas! I have been offered a used medela double pump. I was told that i could replace all the tubes and insides and it would be sterile. any suggestions with this...


Need Help Choosing a Breast Pump!

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

I am expecting my first child and need help choosing a breast pump for my registry. I plan to breastfeed and am not sure if and when I will be returning to work. I ...


Breast Pump Question

K. asks from Indianapolis

Okay so I have a problem. My son is 4 weeks old and I have been breastfeeding with no problem. I have to go back to work soon and started pumping and now my breasts h...


Best Breast Pump??

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there. I'm a first time mom; my little man is 9 weeks old. Despite my efforts, he never latched on and I was instructed to rent the Medela "Symphony" from the ho...


Double Breast Pump Suggestions and Does Any One Have One to Sell

C.T. asks from Dallas

I just got through taking a breastfeeding class and decided i should own my own pump instead of renting from babies r us. N e suggestions on which one to get. Medela ...