Breast Milk Supply & Production

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Milk Supply Trouble

R.M. asks from Portland

Hi all, I have an 18 day old beautiful boy, but I'm not making enough milk for him and have to use formula. A big disappointment for me. We've seen 2 lactati...


Need to Increase Milk Supply

L.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello - I am actually writing this request on behalf of a friend who has a newborn girl, about a month old. From the beginning her daughter latched on quite well but ...


Milk Supply

C. asks from Lawrence

Has anyone out there experienced a low milk supply when breastfeeding? If so what did you do about it?


Milk Supply Decline

C.A. asks from Bangor

Since my 7month old has started on solids, my milk supply has dwindled. I nurse throughout the day or pump at night when I am at work on the weekends. I am going to...


Milk Supply ?

K.R. asks from Denver

My milk supply is starting to go away and my son is only 4 months and it was not like this with my other son. I have had to pump with both kids. Any suggestions fro...


Why Is My Milk Supply So Low?

F.U. asks from Chicago

I had my baby girl at 28 weeks. We aren't sure why yet, but they told us it was due to drops in her heart rate. After delivering, I started pumping right away. I did ...


I Need to Boost My Milk Supply

A.E. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommies, I need some advice. My family has just survived a horrible stomach bug which took us all down. During my stint with the nastiness, I wasn't able to nur...


Breast Pumping and Milk Supply

R.M. asks from Hartford

I have a nice Medela pump, that is called "Swing". It is a one side at a time pump that can be used daily. I couldn't afford $300+ for a two sided pump. I've been usi...


Sudden Drop in Milk Supply?

C. asks from Charlotte

I am wondering if anybody else has had this happen to them. First off, I pump milk out for my son. He is going on 3.5 months now. I do not actually nurse him at al...


Will My Milk Supply Go Down???

N.K. asks from Detroit

My baby is 3 1\2 months old. She sleeps abut 12 hours through the night already. The last feeding is at 7:30pm and I wake her at 7am. I'm going 12 hours without an...