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19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

H.G. asks from Boise

I finally had my daughter allergy tested and found out she is allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, dogs, and cats. Just to name a few. She even had a reaction to saline. Out...


Atopic Dermatitis for 3 Month Old Boy

M.B. asks from San Diego

My son started to have rashes in the his face since we got him from the hospital. We thought it is just about the changes in the weather like heat. But now that he is...


1 Month Old Seems Hungry After Nursing...

K.B. asks from Chicago

1 month old seems hungry after nursing 15 minutes on each side (crying when she is done, if I offer a bottle, she eats it). I'm worried that her weight is going to dr...


What to Do with a 8-Month Old? Crying to Be Held All the Time?

G.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi fellow moms, My 2nd son is turning 8 month today and I'm seeking help in what to do with him. I've been staying at home since I was pregnant with him. My ...


2Yr Old Son with Ezema

R.A. asks from Phoenix

I have a 2yr old that has really bad ezema and I cant seem to get it to go away. I took him to the Dr. and he said to put Hydrocortisone cream on him. The ezema is al...


My Son's Skin Troubles....

J.D. asks from Louisville

My dear little boy is 19 months old. For the better part of the last 6 mos., he has had very rosy cheeks, that get dry and flake and break open. He scratches them a...


Need Help with Baby Eczema- Does Hypoallegenic Formula Help?

R.R. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old son has eczema all over his arms, legs and cheeks He's got these big red splotches all over and doesn't seem to be going away. The doctor said to try ...


Antibiotic Butt Rash on My Toddler

D.S. asks from Columbus

Hi moms, My toddler is on antibiotics for streptroat and because of this, he has developed some diarrea that because it has no smell, it can go undetected. The point...


Eczema Products That Worked for You or Your Toddler?

E.L. asks from Los Angeles

We have a friend whose toddler is plagued by eczema. She mentioned that the doctor was asking her what has worked in the past. Her frustration is that nothing has wor...


Is It an Allergy Rash, Hypersensitivity or What???

A.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello ladies: I have a 61/2 mos old boy and I'm very concern. He has developed a terrible rash, on his little butt that at this point I'm not sure what it could be. I...