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18 Mo Daughter Has Rotavirus

L.Y. asks from Minneapolis

Last night in urgent care the doctor told us my daughter has the Rotavirus. He wasn't that concerned since I've kept her well hydrated. She was vomiting and had diarr...


14 Month Old with the Stomach Bug

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

Well it took 2 wks but my 14 month old finally got the lovely bug that we all had on Christmas and my son got again a week later. What I am wondering is what else be...


How to Stop Diarrhea from Rotavirus

A.E. asks from Boston

Does anyone have suggestions on how to slow down diarrhea during rotavirus? My sister-in-law's kids both have it and she's tried everything: liquids, bananas, apples,...


My 5 Month Old Is Always Constipated!?!?!?!?

B.M. asks from Flagstaff

My son has been constipated since he was about 1 month old. He is now going on six months and nothing has changed. He will go four or five days without having a bowel...


Pregnancy Diarrhea?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Way too much information, but I need advice! Last Monday, I had horrible diarrhea. Everything we fine, more on Wed. Everything was fine, and then Saturday came. I've...


Help with Digestion Issues

A.M. asks from Lakeland

Hi Moms, I need some help for my little boy. For the past two weeks he has had a cold/infection (stuffy nose, cough, etc). It runs for a couple of days, gets better...


***REVISED*** Need Your Thoughts on "Potty" Type Issues!

C.B. asks from Chicago

*****Please see my Below on WHAT HAPPENED...could this be why or am I just being crazy because I can get no answers?? *** I have an almost 2 year old daughter. (DO...


Toddler Diarrhea

L.K. asks from Savannah

My 20 mth. old has had diarrhea now for almost two weeks. She shows no signs of being sick in any way except her BMs are loose. Her pediatrician has her on the BRAT d...



S.W. asks from Lincoln

Hi moms! I need help with some side dish ideas for my soup recipe. I am making Brat stew and I need some ideas to serve on the side. I won a recipe contest and the...


20-Month Old Has Diarrhea and Horrible Diaper Rash

D.D. asks from Dallas

My twenty-month old has had diarrhea for about 3 weeks now. I have taken her to the pediatrician and all of the parasite stool tests came back normal. Almost all of...