BRAT diet: Hydrocortisone

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T.K. asks from Chicago

My son (22 months), since Thursday, has had diarrhea, we have put him on the BRAT diet, but it doesn't seem to be working, I have been giving him probiotics and that ...


Sick Daughter

J.N. asks from Great Falls

my 18 mo old has severe diarrea i was wondering if i can dilute some pepto and give her a little bit i've tried the brat diet and it is not working and last night i n...


Painful Diaper Rash

J.R. asks from Seattle

My 1.5 year old has had diarrhea for 4-days and has developed a very painful diaper rash. She slept next to me last night without a diaper (yep!! Got up to clean the ...


Severe Diaper Rash

J.S. asks from Dallas

Moms - I need your help! My son cannot wear Pampers pull-ups and when he does he breaks out into severe diaper rash and it looks awful! I have told his teachers, ma...


Diaper Rash with Constant Pooping - Diet Related?

E.W. asks from San Francisco

My 11 month old son has had a pretty bad diaper rash for a few weeks now - it gets better, then gets worse on a daily basis. It's gotten so bad his poor butt was enti...


Serious Case of Diaper Rash & Di

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

I would greatly appreciate anybody out there who has feedback on this issue. I have already been to doctor. My 11month old little boy has had diahrea for 6 days which...


Diaper Rash with Diarrhea

M.N. asks from Phoenix

My 13 month old daughter has her 1st diaper rash, which is bright red and seems to have small opening in her skin. It is mostly on the buttock area right below her ge...


Need Help, I'm Desperate!!!

J.S. asks from Corpus Christi

My 11 month old baby developed a diaper rash about 2 weeks or go. This thing has gotten out of hand. She's been having loose bowels, about 4 or 5 a day, usually in th...


Diper Rash in 10 Month Old

A.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 10 months today and has a horrable diper rash for about 1.5 weeks now, I have used neosporian, aveno diper rash crean, vasoline, and bathed her in baki...


Any Super Cures for Diaper Rash? Open Sores = Miserable Baby and Sad Mama

M.O. asks from Chicago

We are dealing with a baby who has some diagnosed food allergies...a work in progress. But boy when something irritates his bowels WATCH OUT. He poops constantly,...