Bowel Movements

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No Poo

A.C. asks from Washington DC

Baby Miles (6 months) has not pooed in over 2 days! He only drinks breast milk, and is offered some solids that he pretty much refuses anyway, so could he really be c...


Too Many Bms????

C.P. asks from Denver

Hi, ladies, I was hoping someone else has had this problem. Our DD (15 mo) has gone from having 1-2 BMs/day to 7 yesterday, and already 2 this morning. They are n...


13 Month Has Painful Bowel Movements

H.L. asks from Burlington

For the last month or so my 13 month old has had (almost) daily painful BMs. When he is about to go he will grunt and groan, turn red, and eventually cry. I usually...



L.H. asks from Phoenix

I found a question posted by Linda K about potty training and her child only wanting to poop in a diaper even though her child is pee potty trained. Well, my almost ...


Bowel Movements in My 3 Month Old

J.M. asks from New York

My daughter is almost 3 months old and has not had a bowel movement in 6 days now. She is breastfed and has 1- 4oz bottle of formula each night. She is extremely gass...


6 Year Old Not Having Bowel Movements in!!

V.L. asks from Detroit

HI EVERYONE and Merry Christmas!! I have a 6 year old son who doesn't have bowel movements in the toilet - he still wears pull-ups. We have tried to have him wear un...


Bowel Movements During Bath

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms. Not trying to gross anyone out but my daughter just turned 2 yrs old and keeps having a bowel movement during her baths. This has been going on during every...


White Colored Bowel Movements

J.G. asks from Portland

My 5 year old daughter recently had a bout of throwing up and diarrhea. When she had a normal bowel movement yesterday she had forgotten to flush. When I went in the...


Desperately Seeking Solid Bms for Preschooler

A.A. asks from Houston

I am at my wits' end with my three-and-a-half-year-old's overly soft bowel movements; I don't think he's had a solid one in his life. All he wants to do is eat fr...


Please Help! 2 1/2 Year Old Holding in Bms

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone, For the past 5 weeks, my son has been holding in his BMs and only making 1 BM per week. When he makes this BM he shakes violently and screams with pa...