Bowel Movements

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Worried About My Daughters Bowel Movements or Lack There Of...

L.Z. asks from Kansas City

Hi! My daughter is 20 months old and since birth she has never had a "normal" BM. When she was breast fed it was the normal yellow seedy and then when she went to f...


6 Week Old Bowel Movements

A.M. asks from Harrisburg

I have a 6 week old who still has a very loose stool. He was a large baby, 9lbs 1 oz and is still gaining weight, which is the only concern my doctor had when I call...


Toddler Who Holds Her Bms

J. asks from Columbus

Does anyone have any advice for what to do for a toddler that holds their BMs because they don't want to go? I have a daughter who just turned 3 a month ago. She is...


5 Month Old Not Having Bms

Y.O. asks from Johnson City

Every since my 5month old baby boy was born he has had trouble with having BMs by himself. He is a breast fed baby and I do supplement with some formula during the da...


3 Year Old Holds in Poop

S.E. asks from Chicago

My daughter is potty-trained but holds in her poop. She claims she doesn't have to go and that she is "afraid to let go of the poo poo." Her tummy is distended and ...


Breastfed 4 Month Old Not Gaining Weight and Not Having Bowel Movements

C.H. asks from Dallas

Well, yeterday we went to the doctor for my 4 month old's shots. He has only gained a little over a pound in about 2 months. He hasnt grown much in length either. He ...


Why Won't He Poop??!!

A.C. asks from Sacramento

Ok, my son is 28 months and he is doing really well with potty-training. He tells me when he has to pee, and he has only an occasional accident here and there. I st...


Question About Toddler's Poop

A.R. asks from Salinas

I have a question about my son's poop- sorry if this is kind of gross. He'll be two years old next month, and his bm's are still about the same consistency that they...


No More Poop?

P.V. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, I am breastfeeding my just turned two months infant and I am worried that he has not poop for 3 days. Is that normal? I remember that at the beginning I c...


Cannot Stop My Child Saying Poo Poo!

R.H. asks from Phoenix

I need suggestions! My two year old son is incapable of forming a sentence that does not contain the words poo poo. This is obviously highly amusing for him. I have t...