Bowel Movements: Nutramigen

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Exclusively Breastfed Infant Having Strange Bowel Movements

My son is 11 weeks old and is breastfed exclusively. He had a strange poop two days ago. It was dark greenish with mucus and dark blood in it. All of his poops have been green with mucus since but no more blood. Before this they were always mustard seedy yellow. Sorry to ask about poop but I am concerned and we have no insurance right now so it's either the emergency room or nothing. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this something I should be worried about? Any idea what caused the change? Other than strange poop he seems...


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Nutramigen and Zantac (Acid Reflux)

Our LO is almost three months and has had issues with being fussy and spitting up formula. He has also always been very grunty. We switched him to nutramigen and that seemed to really help with his stomach issues and constipation. He recently seemed to be in discomfort from what we thought was acid reflux and would spit up clear liquid after feedings. We brought him to the pediatrician and they put him on Zantac. After two days he started doing wonderful, grunting less, sleeping for 5-6 hours at night and was in a much better mood...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....

Green Poop

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Toddler Version of Nutramigen?

Is there a "toddler formula" like Nutramigen? My 14 old son cannot tolerate cow's milk, lactose free cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, or almond milk. I have not tried rice milk or coconut milk. I have tried different formulas. The only thing I found that he could drink was Nutramigen. I am currently getting this on WIC even though he is over a year old. I was wondering if there was a toddler version of Nutramigen that I could try switching him to? Is it ok that he is still drinking Nutramigen? His pediatrician keeps saying we need to...


A Poop Question.

Hi fellow moms-sorry but I've got a poop question and I know that you all...