Bowel Movements: Luv

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HELP!!! 4 Year Old BOY Holding Bowel Movements for DAYS!!

I have a little boy who is almost four who just absolutely will not have a bowel movement on the potty. We have tried toys, food rewards, stickers, everything you can imagine. We started training him a few weeks ago, and he was doing great for #1, but I kept noticing he wasn't having bowel movements (didn't have one for 5 days!!), and before we started this he was having BM's every day. Background on him: He has also been developmentally delayed and is shy, can be stubborn, says he's scared about pooping in the potty, etc. I know boys...


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Diaper Rash & Pampers

My twins got their 1yr shots on thursday, along with a flu shot. They both had diarrhea from friday thru yesterday ( which I was expecting it happened at 6months when they got their shots & the flu shot) the diarrhea caused diaper rash.. specifically a yeast infection in both of them. Their ped. gave us a cream to put on them 4-5 times a day. My son is no longer red or irritated, my daughter on the other hand is bright red. We currently have a box of pampers. I have heard that some babies have had reactions to pampers. We have alaways used...


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...