Bowel Movements: Enfamil

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One Month Old Baby & Bowel Movements

Hey Ladies, I actually have two questions. My first question is about my one month old daughter. Since she was born we had to change her formula from Enfamil to Enfamil Gentle and finally now to Good Start. She is VERY gassy and was having trouble with passsing stool. Since on Good Start she seems to be having regular bowel movements. My concern is though she cries almost everytime. I have to take off her diaper, wipe her & continously pump her legs. The stools are soft too! So I am at a loss. Had her to the ped already and...


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14-Month-old Is Constipated

My 14-month-old son is constipated a few times a week. I have been in contact a few times with the pediatrician's office and am doing everything I can. This started when he was switched over from formula to whole milk. Also, he does not drink much water. I am always forcing it on him, but he won't drink much. I give him prunes or blueberries to eat, make his baby cereal with prune juice, give him whole grain foods, etc. I also water down his milk and occasionally put Karo syrup in his milk. He still has problems with constipation. ...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


Baby Is Constipated

My baby boy is almost 14 months, just three weeks ago he started whole milk,...


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Switching from Similac to Enfamil (Add On)

My daughter has been supplementing with Similac Advanced but was given a container of Enfimil at the hospital. They are the same as far as ingrediants and the DHA and ARA. Could she use that can of Enfamil before buying another can of the Similac? TJ is 10 1/2 wks old and does very well on the supplement formula. I watch him during the day and told her I would ask since she is at work. Thanks, J. ****Thank you all for your advice. I have given my daughter all of your info and will let her decide. I think she was thrilled to hear...


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...

Green Poop

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My 3 Month Old Has Green Poop

My 3 month old is really gassy, he has been since he was the doctor put him on a formula that's sup post to help. well ever since he turned 2 months old is poop has been really green and smells really really bad. i asked the doctor she said nothings wrong. But i kinda think there is. and he's still really gassy. he's not getting anything but formula. whats do you think could be wrong?