Bowel Movements: Aquaphor

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How Do I Help My Son Get over Fear of Bowel Movements?

My son who turned 2 on Oct.27.2007 has been completely potty trained since November 2007. Even as a older baby he did not like to have a bowel movement. I nursed him until he was a yr old so he went often. It took no effort to potty train him. He had diarrhea one day that got all over him and since then he has never worn a diaper/pull up again. When he needs to go he holds it has long as he possibly can. He was holding 3-4 days and is starting to hold it longer. The dr. recommended Miralax (i don't like to give my kids medications unless it...


Too Many Bms????

Hi, ladies, I was hoping someone else has had this problem. Our DD (15...


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14-Month-old Is Constipated

My 14-month-old son is constipated a few times a week. I have been in contact a few times with the pediatrician's office and am doing everything I can. This started when he was switched over from formula to whole milk. Also, he does not drink much water. I am always forcing it on him, but he won't drink much. I give him prunes or blueberries to eat, make his baby cereal with prune juice, give him whole grain foods, etc. I also water down his milk and occasionally put Karo syrup in his milk. He still has problems with constipation. ...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


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Baby with Diarrhea

Hello, My 11 month old daughter has had diarrhea for 4 days. I spoke with her pediatrician on day 2 and she said as long as she was well hydrated, we shouldn't worry, it will pass. Then, the next day, she didn't seem to be wetting diapers so I took her to the local clinic (our pediatrician is about an hour away). They said she looked fine and they thought it would pass. Now we are going on day 5 and I am getting worried. Her poor little bottom is so sore and she's been fussy through it all. Has any one else had a baby with diarrhea this...


Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away....


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...

Green Poop

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Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienced this?There were no new or acidic foods and she's not sick, I'm not sure what could have caused it. It happened late yesterday afternoon at daycare, and when I got her home to bathe her she couldn't even sit in the water and cried from pain, it was awful. I put lots of diaper cream for the night and this morning it was better, it also seemed to be healing throughout the day....

Traces of Blood

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Blood in Stool

My daughter will be 9 months next week and when I picked her up from daycare yesterday they showed me a dirty diaper that she made and it was all blood red. It was not runny or anything the consistancy was normal but the color was not. So I called my Pediatrician and she said to just keep an eye on her and if she did it again to bring her in. Well I called the daycare and they said she has not had a dirty diaper at all today. I was just wondering if any of you had experienced anything like this. I should also tell you that she did not...


Bad Diaper Rash

Hello, My daughter woke up this morning with a really bad diaper rash...I...


Blood in the Diaper

My 9 month old grand-daughter, had spots of blood in her diaper and what...