Bowel Movements: A&D

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Diaper Rash A&D?

Anything work better than A&D for a diaper rash? I can't seem to get rid of it.


Too Many Bms????

Hi, ladies, I was hoping someone else has had this problem. Our DD (15...


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Breastfed Infant Is Suffering from Constipation

I was wondering how any of you have dealt with an infant suffering from constipation. I have a two month old who was going No. 2 normally up until a few days ago. The first time he went once in a period of over 36 hours and has not gone since (going on 48 hours). I hear that it is very uncommon for a breastfed babies to be constipated. My first son never suffered from this. I contacted my doctor who said to insert a thermometer up you know what to help him out. I feel like there should be a less painful/uncomfortable options. Any...


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Son with Diarrhea

My son is 7 months old and is having his first bout with diarrhea. He's still eating and still having a wet diaper, though not as often as he usually does. But he is pooping out pretty much everything that he's eating. I am wondering if anyone has used imodium on a child his age before. I have also heard that yogurt really helps but I was wondering if anyone else had tried this. I've got a call into his doctor but he hasn't called me back yet. Any info would be helpful.


Causes of Diarrhea

My son just turned one this month. He's awesome, walking and chatting away....


Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the...

Green Poop

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Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienced this?There were no new or acidic foods and she's not sick, I'm not sure what could have caused it. It happened late yesterday afternoon at daycare, and when I got her home to bathe her she couldn't even sit in the water and cried from pain, it was awful. I put lots of diaper cream for the night and this morning it was better, it also seemed to be healing throughout the day....


Severe Diaper Rash

My 8 month old daughter suffers from severe diaper rash sometimes and I'm...

Traces of Blood

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Rectal Bleeding and Bloody Poop in Diapers

Last night was traumatizing for us. We had to bring our 5 month old to the emergency room at 3am. I heard her poop in the middle of the night and decided to change her where upon I saw a significant amount of blood and mucus in her diaper. We called her pediatrician who asked if she has vomiting or a fever (both no at that point) and were told to bring her into the office in the morning. After hanging up we changed her diaper again (more blood now) and went to bed. 10 minutes in she vomited up what she had nursed and we called the ped again...


Severe Diaper Rash

My 8 month old daughter suffers from severe diaper rash sometimes and I'm...


Blood in Stool

My daughter will be 9 months next week and when I picked her up from daycare...


Blood in the Diaper

My 9 month old grand-daughter, had spots of blood in her diaper and what...