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Irritation/soars on the Neck

Y.M. asks from Fayetteville

my 17 month old daughter constantly has a bad irritation in a crease on her neck, it is where drool and everything else gets and stays. The doctors have said to just ...


Diaper rash-HELP!

T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! My two year old recently started taking allergy medicine and every time he wakes up in the morning he has BM and his tushy is very irritated, some parts...


Diaper Rash

K.S. asks from Nashville

My 8 month old son has a diaper rash that started out in his diaper area but has spread out to the first folds on his legs. They look like little dots and some are r...


Treatment for Constant Diaper Rash

R.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 9 months old and suffers from severe constant diaper rash. I have tried every solution out there....every OTC diaper rash cream, nystatin, monostat, ai...


Horrible Diaper Rash That Keeps Getting worse...PLEASE HELP

N.S. asks from Los Angeles

I need some serious advice here. For the past two days my 2 year old son has had the most horrible diaper rash. It started as redness on his genital area, and now he...


Red and Welted "Wee Wee"

J.D. asks from Fayetteville

My niece is 2 1/2 and still in a diaper. She has a red welted rash on her privates. It sort of looks dry and scaley. She is very red on the inside and she doesn't rea...


Sore "Down There" - Maybe TMI - Help!

L.L. asks from Orlando

So today I've been so irritated down there if you know what I mean. Just itchy. I don't know why. No weird discharge or anything. But, I did the worst thing you could...


Baby Has a Terrible Diaper Rash...

H.L. asks from Washington DC

I am wondering if anyone has a good cure for diaper rash. I am trying to allow my baby's bottom to get air, applying Balmex, and changing him frequently. I am seein...


Serious Case of Diaper Rash & Di

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

I would greatly appreciate anybody out there who has feedback on this issue. I have already been to doctor. My 11month old little boy has had diahrea for 6 days which...


Thanks for All Your Advice!!!

M.M. asks from Dallas

My 5.5 month old daughter has her first sickness--diarrhea since Friday. We took her to urgent care and they said it is probably rotavirus. I just wanted to know if...