Bottom Teeth

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Teeth Whitening

D.D. asks from Dallas

Has anyone tried out the ZOOM teeth whitening procedure or the whitening trays that you can get from your dentist? What was your experience? Would you recommend it?...


Teeth Grinding

W.C. asks from New York

My 8 month old has 8 teeth and grinds them constantly. I am wondering if this is bad for her's hard to make her stop!


Brushing Teeth

S.T. asks from New York

How do I get my almost 16 month old bundle of joy to stop stuggling while I brush his teeth. Initally he was fine with it, but has begun to hate it now.


Crooked Teeth

Y.L. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is 15 months and her teeth are just growing in.. the three at the bottom seem to be a little buck and the third tooth crooked! Four has came in at the top...


Brushing Teeth

B.T. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, I'm having a really hard time brushing my 2yr olds teeth. He doesn't want to open his mouth at all. I just got an electric toothbrush for him thinking...


First Teeth

S.S. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, I know this is probably a stupid question but my son has his first tooth that has finally come through his gum at 8 months, but it's really crooked . One sid...


Rash on 6 Month Old's Bottom

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

Our six month old has a rash on her bottom. We noticed a small couple of spots so started putting on A&D Ointment and change her every couple hours, whether really w...


Dirty Teeth...

N.B. asks from New York

My 13 month old daughter has eight teeth and some yellow (dirty marks) on them. I have been brushing her teeth with a baby toothbrush since the first tooth pierced t...


Nursing with Teeth

C.F. asks from Phoenix

I am still nursing my 8 month old and he has 2 bottom teeth and a top one on the way. He recently bit me so hard it left a hole and is very painful when he nurses no...


Teeth Grinding

A.R. asks from Houston

My 4 year old daughter has started grinding her teeth in her sleep. Has anyone every went through this? I don't know if I should take it serious, or give it a few d...