Bottom Teeth

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15 Month Old Does Not 2 of Her Front Bottom Teeth

B.R. asks from Provo

My daughter has not gotten 2 of her bottom teeth. I talked to my dentest and they said that there really was not much they could do because of her age but that I had ...



C.M. asks from Houston

Hello everybody, i have a problem, my one year old son has 8 teeth and he is teething but that is not the problem the problem is that he grinds his teeth all the time...


Where Are Her Teeth....

S.C. asks from Cleveland

I have a 13 month old and she only has 2 teeth. Those two came in around 9-10 months and I am worried why her other teeth aren't here yet. She has had a fever here ...



C.B. asks from Nashville

i was just wondering if anyones baby cut a top tooth first i noticed today my daughter cut her first tooth but it was her top one..i always thought that the bottom te...



K.F. asks from Phoenix

My son has this very loose baby tooth.The problem is when i try to pull it,it hurts him.when he pulls it,it still seems the tooth is stuck between on of his ...



P.B. asks from Sacramento

At what age did your babies get their teeth (the first,etc..). Our daugther is almost 7mos old and has no teeth -I keep checking for bumps, redness,etc..but there is ...


No Teeth~!

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

I know all kids are different, and I am not too concerned, but has anybody heard of a 16 month old with NO teeth?! She loves to eat, and has actually NEVER choked on ...



A.K. asks from New York

I don't have any questions other than how old were your babies when they got their first teeth? My daughter is 4 months old and already has two teeth. She didn't ev...



K.A. asks from Kansas City

My son turned 7 in February and has yet to lose any of his baby teeth, is this normal or should I worry? He's also got a molar coming in the back, what age does this ...


No Teeth...

A.M. asks from Spartanburg

My daughter will be 9 months old on the first and still has no teeth. She went through "teething", (this was according to her Dr) at around 3.5 months and he assured...