Bottom Teeth

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When Did Your Baby Get His or Her Eye Teeth?

K.D. asks from Dallas

Just wondering when your children got their first set of Eye Teeth. My Son is 21 months old and still does not have his eye teeth. All of his sibling got theirs bef...


Losing Teeth and Future Teeth Problems

C.M. asks from Rockford

My son is 5, almost 6 and he has his first loose tooth. Being a mom, the first loose tooth is bittersweet; I'm losing my baby BUT.... I'm afraid his is going to tak...


What Order Did Your Baby Get His Teeth?

C.S. asks from Chicago

My baby has had his two bottom center incisors since 6 months. His top ones did not come in yet. Now he is getting the two lateral incisors on top but no center inc...


New Teeth Scraping Nipples

A.C. asks from San Antonio

Hi all. I have a 7 month old little boy who has two bottom teeth that are 2 months old and no problem when nursing. He has two new top teeth that are scraping my aero...


Breastfeeding Baby with Teeth

E.N. asks from San Diego

Hello moms! I think i just need a little encouragement. My daughter is almost 8 months old and has 6 teeth already (2 on bottom, 4 on top). This week breastfeeding h...


When Should I Start to Brush My Baby's Teeth?

C.P. asks from Denver

I have a 9 month old that finally got his two bottom teeth about a month ago. I forgot to ask the doctor at his 9 mo well-baby visit, but when should I start to brus...


How to deal with infant teeth coming in not in the usual order?

K.K. asks from Boston

Hi- My daughter is 8 months old. My husband and I just noticed a tooth breaking through the gums in the top of her mouth. She does not have any other teeth yet. I ...


How to Start Brushing Teeth

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

My almost 6 month old has two bottom teeth. I want to take care of them properly, but do you really brush them this early? If so, how? Do you use toothpaste and a...


When Are They Going to Get Teeth?

L.W. asks from Dallas

I have 14 month old twins and neither of them have teeth yet! I don't know if I should be concerned. . .the doctor told me not to worry about it. Has anyone else ha...


Baby Grinding Teeth!

M.D. asks from Seattle

My 11 month old daughter has two large top teeth and two tiny bottom teeth and is getting her top incisors and I have noticed recently that when she doesn't have her ...