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Bottle to Sippy

B.W. asks from Baton Rouge

I need suggestions on transitioning from the bottle to the sippy cup. My daughter is 11 1/2 months old and I know its best to start trying to take the bottle away. ...


How to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

B.L. asks from Raleigh

My son is 11 months, and I am trying to transition him to a sippy cup by replacing 1 bottle a day with a sippy cup. I was going to do this once a week, and replace an...


How to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

R.L. asks from Chicago

Can anyone help with suggestions on how to transition from a bottle to sippy cup? My 13 month old is very attached to her bottle and doesn't seem to like the sippy c...


Bottle to a Sippy Cup

D.H. asks from Grand Junction

My son doesn't use a binky, and he doesn't carry around a blanket or a favorite toy. So his security comes from his bottle. My husband and I want to wean him off his ...


Weaning from the Bottle to a Sippy Cup

B.R. asks from Asheville

I have twins that are now 15 months- but were born at 24 weeks so they are not quite a year adjusted. They are doing really well. Our daughter wants to eat anything s...


Going from Bottle to Sippy Cup

K.W. asks from Columbia

One more question moms! I am having a hard time going from the bottle to sippy cup. My son wants NOTHING TO DO with the cup. I have tried all kinds of sippy cups. The...


Bottle to Sippy Cup

T.V. asks from Boston

Having trouble with transitioning my almost 1 year old to the sippy cup! She will drink out of it at meal times with water in it, but not milk at bottle times any sug...


Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

C.J. asks from Dallas

Our 15 month old daughter does not like drinking from a sippy cup. We have bought probably one of every kind & she prefers to drink out of the bottle. These past fe...


Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

M.H. asks from Miami

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to transition my son from a bottle to a sippy cup. He'll be 1 year old in a couple of weeks and I wanted to start working with...


Transitioning from Bottle to Sippy Cup???

K.B. asks from Washington DC

I need help! My 13 month old son absolutely refuses to drink his milk from a sippy cup. He will drink water from any type of sippy cub, but if I try milk in the cup...