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Recommend a Drugstore Brand of Foundation

S.B. asks from Dallas

So I have come to the realization after catching a glimpse of myself while passing a mirror in a department store that gone are the days where I can walk out of the h...


Getting My 1 Year off the Bottle

L.P. asks from Dallas

My son just turned 1 last week. I would like to start weening him off the bottle as much as possilbe. For the last three days he hasn't had a bottle until night time....


Safe Bottle Compatible with Breastfeeding?

D.D. asks from Hartford

I am pumping a little as I will need to bottle feed my almost six month old breastfed daughter soon when I have dental work done (I will have to pump and dump after t...


Decision to Breast or Bottle Feed

T.R. asks from Denver

Hello, Do you/did you breastfeed or bottle feed? Why did you choose to breast or bottle feed? When did you make your decision on how you were going to feed your...


Baby Bottle Care.

R.S. asks from Seattle

Hi. I have a few questions about baby bottle care and bottle feeding. How do you sterilize, clean and care for your baby bottles? How often do you sterilize them? ...


Daughter Won't Take Bottle

A.P. asks from Chicago

I have been nursing my 4 month old daughter since she was born. She has taken a bottle a few times, but now won't have anything to do with the bottle.The last time sh...


Getting Rid of the Bottle

N.K. asks from Cleveland

Anyone have any suggestions of getting rid of the bottle. My son will not drink out of a cup, only a bottle. He is 15 months old and everytime he drinks out of a cu...


Baby Won't Take a Bottle

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

Help! My two month old daughter is exclusively breastfed and absolutely will not take a bottle. I pump a bottle fresh and try to make sure she is truly hungry when ...


Breast Feeding Transition to Bottle

M.F. asks from Seattle

Hi, I am breast feeding my 4 month old exclusively and have never given him a bottle. One mistake I made was not introducing the bottle when he was younger. Now I p...


She Wont Take a Bottle from Me or Her Dad!!

J.R. asks from Boston

I have a 3 month old baby girl who is breastfed and I've been trying to get her to take a bottle since she was 4 weeks old. Thats when I was told its the best time to...