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Best Way to Ween off Bottle?

What is the best way to ween a 16 month old off of a bottle. He uses sippy cups fine, but it seems like when I put the milk in them, he'll have some but won't finish it, whereas when I put it in the bottle he'll suck it right down.


Bottle to Sippy

I need suggestions on transitioning from the bottle to the sippy cup. My...


What Bottle Is Best?

My sister-in-law just had her first baby. When she goes back to work I'm...

Bottle Brush

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Looking for a Good, Durable Bottle Brush - Any Advice?

I have been using the Munckin bottle brush, but the sponge on the top rips off in just a few uses! :( I then bought the Munchkin Deluxe bottle brush which doesn't have a sponge on the top, but the problem is that it's too wide to fit into my Medela bottles. If anyone can suggest a good, durable bottle brush which isn't super expensive, I'd love to hear from you.


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Bottle Nipples That Don't Leak??

Are there any bottles that don't leak? I am using the Playtex system with the disposable inserts, and have been really happy with it, but since we switched to the 6 month+ Rapid nipple I am quite annoyed with the leakage. Just tip the bottle over and milk starts leaking everywhere. Are all 6 month+ nipples like this?

Warmer & Sterilizer

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Transitioning from Nuby Sippy Cup to Hard Spout

My son(11.5 months) has used a Nuby sippy cup since he was 6 months old to drink water and juice. He holds them well and loves to drink from them. I have been a bit disappointed, though, because all of his sippies have started to leak like crazy over the past month, so I figured it would be a good time to transition to another cup since I can't stand the leakage wanted to transition him to a bigger cup anyway. I purchased the gerber sippies with handles and a harder spout(still a bit soft). It has a valve to control leaking, but my son will...