Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Similac

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Problems Breast Feeding --Help!!!

P.F. asks from Chicago

Alrighty moms. My wife is shy on posting, but she has been grappling with the idea of not breast feeding. (we have a 3 week old.) Our families (moreso mine) are reall...


Advice About Hypoallergenic Formula

G.R. asks from Boston

Has anyone had success getting an infant to drink Allimentum? And/or has anyone had an infant who had problems with it? My breastfed 6 month old is allergic to mi...


Cortisone for Seborreheic Dermititus?

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

my 7 wk old girl has what i believe to be seborrheic dermititus. i came to this conclusion after seeing a rash on her face (cheeks/nose/ears) for 2 wks now. i initial...


Colicky 7 Week Old Seems Misreable During the Day

L.G. asks from Decatur

Help! I'm grandma, and in my day we called it "colic". My 7 week old granddaughter sleeps as you'd expect (with two feedings) during the night, but when she's awake...



J.P. asks from New York

My little boy (6 weeks old) is on the reflux medication Ranitidine 15mg 2X a day and it doesnt seem to be helping. He is still spitting up alot to a point that it pou...


No Poopy Diaper in 24 Hours Bad??

C.P. asks from Phoenix

i have a 6 week old preemie and he hasnt had a poopie diaper in about 24 hours. should i be worried??


Frustrated New Mom

R.A. asks from Chicago

ok, i feel terrible because my 12 wk old seems to cry ALL the the car, on walks,in stores,during tummy time, changing of the diaper...I only have a few wks ...


Baby Eating Issues...

D.V. asks from Appleton

Hi there. I am a new mom. My baby is 4 weeks old, and taking care of him has become quite stressful for me. The first thing is that he doesn't sleep during the da...