Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Similac

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Tired of comments...but What to Say?

M.B. asks from Dallas

First of all, I am not trying to stir the pot here. I'm not trying to offend anyone, or start a debate. With that said, I am becoming increasingly annoyed with a ce...


15-Month-old with a Cold

K.H. asks from Detroit

My daughter has a pretty bad cold that started Thursday of last week. She has a horrible runny nose that drives her nuts and a cough that sounds awful. She was runnin...


Formula Issues

M.T. asks from Boston

I'm hoping someone may have some advice or have experienced the same issue. My 6 week old daughter had started out on Enfamil Lipil. She seemed to have such sever...



K.L. asks from Oklahoma City

I have been breastfeeding my 4 and a half month old since she was born. I have struggled with my milk supply. I have been taking Fenugreek and Reglan in order to pr...


Anyone Else Feel like They Have to Justify Formula Feeding?

D.K. asks from New York

Does anyone else feel like they have to justify to everyone why they choose to formula feed? I never thought of breastfeeding as an option for my family. No one in my...


Advice on Replacing Breastmilk with Formula

C.W. asks from Austin

I have been breastfeeding my daughter full-time until just recently. She is 10mo. old and I have reduced the breast feedings to just a.m. and p.m. She goes to dayca...


Blood in Baby's Diaper

G.L. asks from Fresno

My breastfeeding two month old son has been having 'stringy' blood in his poop since yesterday morning. The Dr yesterday said she sees a very small anal fisher and th...


Is It Something I Am Eating?

C.S. asks from New York

I am at my wits end. I have been breastfeeding for 3 months now and my son still is having issues with stomach cramps, diarrhea, green mucuosy poops, etc. Some doct...


Food and Formula

A.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all - I have a detailed question for any of you experts out there...My son is 7 months old, he has been breastfed exclusively, and he rejects solid foods an...


Is It Safe to Give the Formula Fed Baby Breast Milk? Could It Relieve Colic?

S.2. asks from Bakersfield

My sister and I both have newborns. My daughter is 2months her son is 7 weeks. I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby and she is formula feeding her son. She want...