Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Pedialyte

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14 Month Old Won't Eat...

For the past few days our fourteen month old has refused to eat almost anything but breastmilk. She has gone from eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between and breatfeeding about three times a day, to only wanting to breastfeed. The day before all of this happened she had bad diarrhea several times. Now I cannot tell if she still has diarrhea, or if her poop has just changed back to a more liquidy yellow because of the breastmilk. She is cutting some teeth so I don't know if that might have something to do with it. ...


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My 6 Month Old Wont Take Her Formula

hey mommas, im gonna try to make this short.monday night my daughter strated throwing up bad and keep doing it for 1/2 i called her preds after hour care they told me to give her pedialyte for about 24 to 48 hours but we had a follow up tuesday after noon. and the doctor said she would probley get diarrea and she got it right after we left the doctors office.they told us not to give pedialyte for more then 2 days and she wont take nothing other than that not formula or baby food i even tried mashed potatos because she loves those.i...


Refuses All Formula

8 mo. old baby girl allergic to soy and dairy (causes mild to moderate...