Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Munchkin

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How to Get a 15 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night

My son still wakes up anywhere from 2 to 5 times a night. When he wakes up he wants his sippy cup. I am beyond exhausted and would like to enjoy a decent night sleep. Also how do I begin to ween him off of the sippy cup at night? I think its a security thing with him.


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Trying to Get 19 Month Old off the Bottle!

My daughter is 19 months old and we're really struggling with getting her off the bottle. She only takes the bottle before her nap and in the evening before she goes to bed. Other than that, she drinks water (sometimes juice) throughout the day in a sippy cup. She really can't have too much milk regardless because she struggles with constipation. Anyway, we've tried giving her the milk in her sippy cup, but she let's it sit there. She will not drink it if it's in the sippy cup for some reason. It will sit there all day if I'd let it! YUCK!...


BPA In Bottles?

Have you all been hearing/reading about the research they're doing on BPA...


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Breast Feeding ?

I am breastfeeding my 6 week old daughter. She is my third and is doing the best with nursing. She is a great latcher and I have plenty of milk, etc Problem is, she wants to stay on the breast even when she is not sucking. I have tried 7 different pacifiers but all of them gag her. Does anyone know of a paci that is good for "gaggers" and breastfed babies?


Nursing and Work

Hi, I am a working mother of a 4mth old and trying to nurse. I started...

Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Need Advice, My 1 Year Old Refuses to Drink Milk

I have a 1 year old that was drinking milk from her bottle no problem for about 3 weeks and then about 1 week ago completely refused her bottle all together and now won't even drink milk out of the sippy cup. I have tried adding chocolate to it, i have tried every different sippy cut that i have, i have tried a straw, i even tried a plain cup...she takes one sip and then bats it away, i am just concerned because the doctor said she should have at least 16oz of milk a day at this age. She does eat yogurt but only 1x a day. I would love some...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Whats a Good Feeding Schedule?

just wanted to check in and see what ppl's day looked like esply with eating (and what foods), how much milk a day, and sleep schedules? we just got back from the peds yesterday and i have to make some changes (i.e. decrease milk and push solids, push self-feeding, etc.), so im not so sure how to do this. she is 1 yr old. our schedule is as follows: -wake around 7am (i just eliminated her morning bottle) -breakfast about 8am (by the time i get my AM chores done) with oatmeal mixed with fruit (homemade pureed cubes), bits of...


Wont Take Bottle

my problem is this my daughter is almost 8 months old and will not take...

Feeding Problems

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Feeding 12 Month Old Apples

I started my baby on solids long ago, but tonight while I was feeding her apples I got a little nervous. I use to cut them up in pieces and make sure that they were soft, but I feel that she is now 1 year old and should be able to eat them better. Anyhow, my niece almost choked on apples after my sister gave them to her cut up into tiny pieces so now I am scared to give them to her like that. I gave a big chunk of apple tonight and she seemed to eat it fine with her two teeth and gums...but at the end she shoved the whole thing in her...


Feeding Solid Foods

I am curious about people's experience in introducing solids to their baby. ...


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13 Month Old Won't Drink Milk from Cup

HI, My 13 month old daughter will not drink milk from a sippy cup. She will drink water from a sippy cup, and has been for many months, but she refuses to drink milk or any other beverage for that matter (juice) from her cup. Any suggestions? We are trying to get her to drink milk from the cup during the day and continue milk from the bottle at night and in the a.m. for a while.


6 Month Old "Menu"

Hi! So my 6 month old little girl just started eating solids in the last...