Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Miralax

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Moms of Breastfeeding 14-18 Month olds...PLEASE READ and HELP!!!!!

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms! I really need your help! I am having quite the time with my 16 month old daughter and her pooping patterns/tendencies. I need to hear about your children’s...


Constipated 10 Month Old What to Do?

M.E. asks from Chicago

my baby girl has always had a problem with constipation an now that she is on table food she has it much worse she cries and cries and wont let me near her when i cha...


My 11 Month Old Is Suffering from Regualr Constipation.

D.A. asks from Chicago

My 11 month old is a very good eater. She loves solid foods. She has been having a hard time passing bowels nearly every day lately. I weaned her off of formula th...


My 5 Month Baby Doesn't Poo-poo After 5 Days Without Laxative

C.Y. asks from Los Angeles

My baby son doesn't poo-poo even after 5 days and I have to apply Laxative everytime I wanted him to poo-poo. Is there anything wrong? My baby doesn't have any formu...


Help W/constipation

B.L. asks from Jacksonville

hello! i was wondering if anyone has a home trick/rememdy for constipation?!? my 2 yr old seems to be constipated, hasn't gone to the bathroom in two days, decreased ...


Help with Infant Constipation

J.B. asks from San Francisco

I have an eight month old boy who has been battling constipation ever since he switched from breast milk to formula, which occurred when he was five months old. We h...


Baby with Bowel Movements Less than Once a Week...

K.D. asks from Charleston

My baby boy is 7 1/2 months old, primarily breastfed who has a bowel movement once a week if we're lucky. He doesn't seem bothered by it until about a week goes by a...