Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Miralax

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Moms of Breastfeeding 14-18 Month olds...PLEASE READ and HELP!!!!!

Hi moms! I really need your help! I am having quite the time with my 16 month old daughter and her pooping patterns/tendencies. I need to hear about your children’s poop habits so I can decide if I really have something to be concerned over or if I am just being a worry wart mom. Here is the “issue” that she is having. My daughter was exclusively breastfed until she was 9 ½ months old. When she started eating solids then, she was eating “finger foods” as she has a strong gag reflux and anything pureed or remotely soft in texture...

Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Miralax for My 23 Month Old?

My son who will be 2 friday has had belly pain for several weeks. The dr ran some tests they all came back normal. The x-ray showed some mild "back up" in the bowels which I thought was odd since he pooped 4 times before the xray that morning. The biggest problem is he poops 4+ times a day and it ranges from hard balls (usually those are about every other day) to peanut butter texture to watery with some chunks in it. Most of the time its the PB texture which it sticky and the smell will almost burn my eyes. The dr suggest last...


Goat Milk Formula

I have (with ND advice) put my 6 week old on a Goat Milk formula because...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Need Advice on Taking 20 Month Old off Bottle

My name is S.. I've recently decided to take my daughter off the bottle, so before i'm off to school she'll be using a cup. But i've been struggling. I need help!!! Whenever i don't give her her bottle she screams her head off. She cries until she falls asleep. She also starts throwing tantrums.I'm getting very fustrated. I have less than two weeks to go back to school.i need advice on what i should do. Please any mothers that have advice or comments contact me.