Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, Medela

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Returning to Full Time Work - Still Breastfeeding

Hey Mamas, I'm the proud mother to a sweet 7 month old little girl who is 80% breastfed. She sometimes has the odd bottle of formula at night time when I'm home, and is given formula when I'm at work. Which has been 2-3 days a week (but mostly nights). I've just received a promotion which means I'm going to full time work, which is spread between day shifts and night shifts. As much as I didn't want to stop breastfeeding just yet, it's impractical for me to be pumping at work. I did it for months a little while ago and it is such a...


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Do Avent Bottles Attach to Medela Pumps and Vice Versa?

My friend is giving me her Pump in Style Medela breast pump. Does anyone know if I am restricted to only attaching Medela bottles to the pump? I received Avent bottles at my shower and was wondering if I need to return the Avent bottles for Medela bottles. I'm pretty unfamiliar with how all of these bottles and the pump work. Thanks!


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Need Advice About Breast Feeding

I have a 2 1/2 month old daughter that I've been breastfeeding since birth. I'm going on a trip for 10 days and was planning on just having her bottle fed for the 10 days and then continue with the breast feeding when I get back. Is this a possibility? I had a really hard time getting her to take the bottle at least once a day so she can get used to it before my trip, but now she is and totally refuses my breast. I'm very confused and wonder why... My doctor said she has Thrush and it hurts her...Now I'm at a loss and don't know if I'm...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Schedule for Breastfeeding?

EDIT AFTER READING SOME RESPONSES: My baby WILL NOT take a bottle/sippy cup/etc. Absolutely WILL NOT. I have tried - believe me. Also - he was eating 5 jars a day when he was 6 mos old - but he had to stay in the hospital for 6 days and didnt feel like eating solids. After that stay - he went down to two jars a day and just will not eat anymore. It is a fight to get him to eat the two jars! I am afraid to give him anything like puffs because he wont eat anything with texture and everytime i try puffs, etc. he chokes because he...