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Help with Diaper Rash.

My 5 month old daughter has a horrible diaper rash. It is blood red and has what looks to be blisters that bleed. I have done everything I know to treat it, I have used vaseline, diaper rash cream, cream for a yeast infection everything I could think of. The only other thing I could think of is maybe she's allergice to the diapers. Any suggestions. I am going to take her to the dr on Monday but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do in the meantime.


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Very Premature Daughter Having Touble Separating from the Bottle but Also Having

Very premature daughter having trouble separating from the bottle, but also having trouble sucking on the sippy cup. She really needs to get off the bottle. She has about 8 teeth and she breaks all the nipples. That is the sign it's time to get off, but if I take her off she is having a hard time sucking the sippy cup. Please any suggestions would be great.

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My 20 Month Old Son Still Needs a Bottle at Bed Time.

My 20 month old Son, still demands a bottle at bed time and ONLY at bed time. He takes a sippy cup all day long. He does not get or request a sippy cup at nap time during the day. Only at night does he have a complete melt down until he gets his bottle. He has started waking up twice a night asking from "more". We give him water in is bottle, but I am worried that we are going backwards. I am not sure if I should throw the bottles away and go cold turkey or if I should let him keep is night time bottle. I am concerned that he will not be...


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14 Month Old with No Appetite! Please Help! I Am Worried to Death!!!!

My 14 month old daughter has no appetite. It's a long story so let me give you the short version. My daughter was never sick until she was about 10 months old, she also loved her food. Then at about 10 months she started getting ear infections and viral infections. She was constantly sick up until about 1 month ago. During this time her appetite slowly decreased. Month after month, day after day, I noticed her eating less and less. Now she has absolutely no interest in food. A normal day of eating for her is a little bit of dry cereal, a...