Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, First Years

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20 Month Old Son Still Sleeping in Our Bed...

I know I may get some real honest opinions on here but maybe thats what I need. Our son has basically slept with us since the day he came home from the hospital-with the exception of hime being in the bassinet or pack and play when he was really tiny. He is now 20 months old and still sleeps in our bed. My MIL keeps telling me to not let him, that he needs his own bed (which he has), etc... Problem is I have no issues with him being in the bed. I thik it's more me than him! I hear all different things from both sides- they will be co...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Breastfeeding Baby Won't Take Bottle....

i have a two month baby i've been breastfeeding but there are times when i want her to take a my huandsband can bond or so i can go out to do errands or just get out and have a break... i pump and the milk goes to waste because she won't take a bottle or even a pacifire to calm her.i thought maybe it is the nipple so ive tried diffrent types from evenflow to regular types of bottles.silicone to latex.she's not having it!i told my doc and she like oh thats good because she breast feeding.but heack i can't go out for long because...

Feeding Problems

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Bottle Feeding Problems

Any suggestions - My 6 month old is a very picky bottle feeder, he prefers me to feed him (breast feeding) and it has only gotten worse. Friday at daycare he only ate 1 ounce in 8 hours and today he didn't eat anything in 8 hours (it usually ends up being 12 hours total from the time I feed him before daycare & the time I get him home to feed him) he does eat cereal around noon & baby food around 6, but he still needs his milk. Daycare does have 3 different types/brands of bottles to try.