Bottle & Breastfeeding: Toddler, First Response

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My 4 Month Old Uses Me as a Pacifier and Can't Fall Asleep Without Nursing First

I need advice on how to deal with this. My 4 month old is successfully breastfeeding and we are not giving any formula. But since he was born, I always put him to sleep by breastfeeding him side position in bed and now at 4 months, he only wants to nap or sleep at night next to me and nursing first to fall asleep. My husband and I cannot sleep in the same bed because of the baby. I also have a 2 and a half and cannot spend my afternoon in bed nursing my 4 month old to sleep in our bed. I don't know what to do on how to change that. Is he...


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Help with Introducing Formula

I have a 5 month old baby girl! I am still breastfeeding her, but I want to start introducing her to formula. I have tried a few different ways but nothing works:( Is there a secret way to do this? Please help. Thanks!!



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How Often Do You Breastfeed an 8 Month Old Typically?

Hello, I know every child is different, but for anyof you with babies this age, or who have had babies this age, how often to they breastfeed at this age, while eating three solid meals as well? My son is still feeding at night every three hours and I am not sure if he is actually hungry and not getting enough during the day, or if it is just a habit that I have to break.