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Severe Diaper Rash - 18 Month Old Boy

My son has a severe diaper rash. He is 18 months old. It seems to get worse every day for over a week now. His skin is bleeding in several places. I have put diaper rash ointment (Bourdaux's) on at every changing since this started. I change his diaper (Huggies) frequently - almost once an hour and immediately when dirty. Any ideas what is causing this or what I can do to get rid of it?


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Is It Ok to Use Diaper Rash Ointment like A&D on Flea Bites on the Face?

Im a first time mom and i have 3 dogs and this is the first time I have came across a flea problem with any of my dogs. My 4 month old has tons of bites all over her cheeks, chin and eyelids. All I have in my house to use right now is A&D ointment and hydrocortisone that is 1% would either of these be ok to put on the bites? well besides the ones on her eyelids

Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Milk for 12 Month Old?

My son will be 12 months soon and we are looking forward to getting him off that expensive formula but we aren't sure what to put him on after that. My 3 year old daught went on milk at 12 months with no problem but I keep hearing horror stories about milk. How it's not made for babies and it's not good for them etc. We only ever use organic milk in our house so that's not a big concern but I still hear how milk is out. What I'm not hearing is what is in? So your thoughts/suggestions and why milk is so bad would be very appreciated! ...