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Breastfeeding Second Time Around... Can I Expect the Same Sort of Scenario?

A.P. asks from Williamsport

I was successful with breastfeeding my son. But I have 2 main concerns, and I'm wondering if I'll have the same "problems" this time. 1. I had a TON of milk. I cou...


**Shopping List ?'S** I Plan on Breastfeeding Can I Hold off on the Breast Pump?

S.2. asks from Flagstaff

This is my 1st baby and I know sometimes breast feeding doesn't go as planned. So, I'm wondering should I invest in a breast pump now before she's born to have on han...


Help, Breastfeeding Hurts!

J.K. asks from Oklahoma City

My baby is 10 months old, with a few teeth and she has recently chewed on my nipple to the point that it hurts all of the time, especially when nursing. I had wanted...


Sippy Cup for Weaning from Breastfeeding?

A.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, My daughter has been exclusively breast fed for the past 11 months and I am preparing to wean her in a month and am wondering if any nursing mothers can r...


Soarness After Breastfeeding for 13 Months......

S.C. asks from Houston

I breastfed my son exclusivly for 13 months and 12 days!!! He weaned himself last week. He has not nursed since Wed. 6 am :) I did pump a little bit that night bec...


How Do I Wean a 2 Year Old from Breastfeeding

A.M. asks from Sarasota

I need some help from someone who has gone through this...I have a 2 year old little girl who has breastfed from day-one. I have just kept it going and going and all...


How Soon to Take Newborn Out in Public?

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi moms My little boy is now 2 weeks old, and aside from a couple of doctor appointments, and his dad walking him in the Moby sling a few times, we haven't taken h...


Inspirational Breatfeeding Stories

K.C. asks from Barnstable

Have any breastfeeding moms out there over-come some big hurdles to breastfeed and how did you do it? Did you fight for your right to breastfeed? Let's hear your in...


Seeking Recommendations to Help Reduce My Daughter's Night-time Feedings

F.R. asks from Milwaukee

I am a mom to an 8 month old daughter who I am still breastfeeding. My daughter nurses every 2 hours throughout the night and I am looking for some help in trying to...



K.L. asks from Oklahoma City

I have been breastfeeding my 4 and a half month old since she was born. I have struggled with my milk supply. I have been taking Fenugreek and Reglan in order to pr...