Bottle & Breastfeeding: Preschooler, The First Years

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How Can I Get My Just Turned 4 Year Old to Stop "Twiddling" My Chest!

I breastfed her until she was 2 and eight months but the " twiddles", where she puts her hand in my blouse and squeezes "nee nee Moo moo" for comfort hasn't! I've tried repeatedly redirecting her, taking her hand away gently, wearing high neck shirts, but she still tries and now she is alot stronger and it almost a power struggle. Sometimes she laughs when I tell her to stop and that she doesn't need nee nee any more, but to no avail. We were co sleeping until recently and i finally got her her own little bed to sleep in, but after she...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Soon to Be 3 Year Old Doesn't Sleep Thru the Night!!

HELP!!! Our soon to be 3 year old does NOT sleep thru the night and we have tried EVERYTHING to figure out why she is waking up, but have yet to "crack the code." She attends a full day pre-school program 5 days a week (7:00am-3:15pm), she is a fairly good eater (as of the last 2 months), she is not given a lot of junk (one popsical after school, that's it-we won't even let her have yogurt any more because the sugar is so high & we don't know if that contributes to the lack of sleep). We do allow her some "educational" tv, but nothing...


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Really Moody, Lacking Tolerance While Weaning...

Is it just me or has anyone else gotten really moody, temperamental, impatient when trying to wean from breastfeeding? I'm working on weaning my 15 month old, and I swear I've lost all of my patience and have felt really edgy these last couple of weeks. I've gotten him down to just his naptime feeding, daddy is helping with bedtime and so sometimes I have to nurse him down for bedtime/ or middle of the night feedings. So we are almost there...BUT I don't recall feeling or acting this way with my first. Then again he was my first and I...


Weening My Son.

When my son was born nearly 2 years ago, everything I had read about...