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Pack N Play or Co-sleeping

L.S. asks from New York

Hi All Mommies, My brain is on overload right now with all the products out there for babies. This is my first baby, and with so much info..........HELP Please. My b...



J.G. asks from Phoenix

I'm looking for some advice from all of you experienced moms! Last week we started co-sleeping with our one-month-old daughter. It started-out by accident because I...


Help!!! Entire Extended Family Going Camping in 2 Weeks

L.E. asks from San Francisco

Help!!! I'm a late check-out and room service girl. I know nothing about camping for grown ups let alone how to do it with an infant. We were supposed to do a resor...


6-Month Old Will Only Fall Asleep After Given a Bottle. Is This Normal?

J.S. asks from Wausau

My 6-month old will generally only fall asleep if given a bottle. (With the occasional exception of if she's moving, i.e. stroller ride or in the swing at daycare). B...


Breastfeeding/night Weaning

J.K. asks from Killeen

I have an 11 month old son who is still breastfeeding. He definitely associates nursing with sleep, so now i'm wondering what to do about night weaning. Our son sleep...


Anyone Else Co-sleeping?

B.J. asks from Denver

I know this is a heated subject, but it happens to work well for our family. (Don't worry, my husband and I are very happy.) I'm wondering if anyone one else has done...


To Bring or Not to Bring My 5 Month Old to a Wedding

A.J. asks from New York

My sister in law is getting married in August and my DS will be 5 months. The family is fine with our son going to the wedding but it is an evening wedding and I am e...


Traveling by Airplane with 4 Month Old

H.J. asks from Dallas

My husband and I will be taking our almost 4 month old son on two trips in the next month. The first flight with be to Florida where we are visting some friends for 4...


Handling Unsolicited Advice

A.U. asks from Phoenix

I have to say, I have been warned by others that unsolicited advice would come my way, but now I'm not sure how to handle it. A little background might be helpful: M...


Newborn Questions

A.S. asks from Dallas

I am a new mom, and my son is a week old today. I have questions and need advice from you moms out there. 1. My son will nap anywhere but will only sleep in our be...