Bottle & Breastfeeding: Born free

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Baby Due Soon- Looking for Tips on Breastfeeding and Pumping

Hello all- I am due in a couple of weeks and am looking for tips on breastfeeding, pumping and getting the baby to take abottle. I have heard that many newborns don't like artificial nipples and it makes it more difficult for them to breastfeed. I want to be able to give my daughter the best and so I want to breastfeed, but I also want my husband to be able to feed her with a bottle to be able to bond with her too! Also I will be going back to work so she will have to take it from a bottle. I guess I am just looking for advice on how to...


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Born Free Bottle Sterilizer

Hi, I purchased a born free bottle sterilizer, but have misplaced the instructions. Can anyone tell me how much water is supposed to be added to it? I know that I'm supposed to microwave for 4 minutes. thanks.


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Born Free Bottles

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at first but he seems to have a hard time now. I have to change the nipple several times before he will eat. I purchased new nipples which seemed to work at first but then after awhile the same issue was happening again. Anyone else have this problem? Side Note- I dont need anyones opinion on breast feeding! Its a personal choice to bottlefeed. If you feel the need to lecture me then don't bother responding. Thank you

Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Born Free Bottles or Some Other Kind

I am due for baby number to any time know. We are looking for bottles to use for when I pump. I am very much interested in the born free bottles. Please someone help and let know of these are good bottle or should I ditch them and try something else. With my first daughter we used even flow. But I did not see the kind we used on the shelf.


Sippy Cup Help

My daughter is 16 months old and refuses to take milk from a sippy cup. She...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Introducing a Bottle or Exclusive Breastfeeding

My little man is almost 7 weeks old and I am trying to decide if I want to introduce a bottle. I had serious latch issues with my daughter so that by the time I tried to introduce a bottle to her, she refused every single one. So pros and cons to using bottles vs. exclusive breastfeeding? I'm hesitant to introduce a bottle mostly because of the special bond created by exclusive breastfeeding. I also can wait 10 months to date my hubby, as we will have another 30-40 years to do that, and I can't get back these 10 months of my baby...


Breast to Bottle

My son will be 4 months old at the end of this month. I (with the help of...

Feeding Problems

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Question About Born Free Bottles

I recently started using Born Free bottles with my 6 week old twin boys. Several times I've noticed that the nipple kind of collapses during a feeding - which is something the manufacturer says isn't supposed to happen. I can't see that it's causing a problem - it just seems weird since it's something they say specifically shouldn't happen. Has anyone else noticed this? Did you continue to use the bottles?


Born Free Bottles

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at...


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Born Free BPA Free Plastic Bottles

Has anyone used the Born Free BPA free plastic bottles? Do you like them and if you switched after using another bottle, how did your baby take to the switch? Have you had any physical problems, like melting, with the bottle if you used the microwave to warm up the formula while in the bottle?


Warming up Formula

I know this is an elementary question; however, I have been breastfeeding my...