Booster Seat: Infant

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Booster Seat

E.S. asks from Allentown

At what age or weight can I switch my son from a carseat to a booster? He is almost three and tall for his age. My daughter will be a year in Feb and is growing out...


Booster Seat

J.C. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I have a 4-year old son and a 7-month old daughter. My daughter will be growing out of the infant carrier soon. But I don't want to have two bulky carseat...


Booster Seat?

D.A. asks from Houston

Hi, I was wondering when other moms start to put their children into booster seats. My son just turned 3, is 42 pounds an 40 inches tall. His younger brother is out ...


Transition from Carseat to Booster Seat???

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

So, mom's when do you make the transition? I have a 3-year old boy who is 32 lbs and about 38 inches tall. When is it recommended to make the switch to a booster seat...


Booster Seat

A.O. asks from Dallas

My son is 4 1/2 years old and is 44 pounds and almost 43 inches tall. He is currently in a high back booster seat. At what point should/can I take off the back?


Booster Seat

R.L. asks from San Francisco

Would anyone know what are requirements to stop using the booster seat in the car? How tall does the child have to be?How old? Is there a minimum weight? I really nee...



M.O. asks from Minneapolis

Looking for a new carseat for infant to have as she gets bigger. What I need is suggestions on the reclining carseats or if you dont have a reclining seat how do you ...


Car Seat / Booster Seat ?

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

I haven't checked stores yet...wondering if there is such a thing as a convertible car seat / booster seat. I have a 6 month old baby that will need to move to a car...



A.M. asks from Lakeland

My son is 6 months old and weighs 19 lbs, and i was wondering when should i turn his car seat around. right now his carseat is facing the rear.



K.C. asks from Washington DC

When does a baby begins using a convertible carseat? My 5 month old son is 14lbs and 25 inches tall.