Boarding Pets

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Dog Boarding near Redford

J.S. asks from Detroit

I am looking for a place to board my schnauzer next weekend while im out of town. I recently adopted him froma rescue, and he has some problems with anxiety so I woul...


Dog Boarding in OP

L.V. asks from Kansas City

Recently moved near 135th and Quivira and am looking for a new place to board my Golden when we take trips. Info, location, rates much appreciated!


Pet Vet and Boarding

C.G. asks from Dallas

A two-fold question: 1. My dog needs his vaccinations updated. We've used Banfield at Petsmart previously, but I am usually made to feel like a bad owner and press...


Inexpensive Boarding for Three Dogs

L.K. asks from Dallas

I am going out of town for a week during the Thanksgiving holiday and need to board my three dogs. Anyone know of an inexpensive place around Dallas? Will travel as f...


Need Good Dog Boarding

R.F. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! I am looking to board my dog for 5 days in May. Do any of you know of a good and affordable place that will take good care of my fur baby? He is just over 1...


Dog Groomers and Boarding

E.E. asks from Knoxville

I am searching for a convenient, but conscientious groomer and boarding service. These do not necessarily have to be in one location, (one can dream!) I live just of...


Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding?

T.C. asks from Austin

We're going on a summer vacation vacation and trying to decide whether to board our cat or use a pet sitter with it in our house or keep it outdoors. Last year whe...


Seeking Advice on Boarding for Dogs

L.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi ladies, I am getting ready to take a trip that will leave my dog and cat alone for a few days. I was wondering if anyone had any advice of a good place to take ...


Looking for a Nice Place to Board My Dog...

A.H. asks from Dallas

I have a 1 and a half year old goldendoodle and I am considering boarding him for the first time for a 4 day weekend... Any recommendations for a nice caring place to...


Looking for a Wonderful Place Where I Can Board My Cat

K.B. asks from Houston

Hey Moms and Cat Lovers!! I am looking for a Wonderful place where I can board my precious cat. This will be her first time in a kennel. I'm nervous and need some adv...