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Looking for Laptop Learning Toy for Precocious 3 Yr Old Girl

J.D. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any input or preferences on laptop learning toys? Leapfrog, V-Tech, etc? There are so many things out there, I don't know how to chose...


Laptops for Almost 2 and 3.5 Year Olds

C.G. asks from Boston

I have seen different types of "computer" type of toys for my little ones. But I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what is a good buy for a 22 month ...


Slow Start in the Academic World...

G.S. asks from Dallas

Dear mommies, I have not been the best parent to my 1st grader when he was a preschooler and kindergartener. Apparently he is not as interested in school and reading...


Toys for 3 Yr Old Boy

S.C. asks from Raleigh

Any recommendations for age appropriate toys I can buy my son. I'm hoping he's old enough for some board games or legos. Not only is Christmas right around the corne...


Electronic Games/activities for 3 Year Old

C.R. asks from Columbus

My son will be 3 in January so I am trying to come up with good Christmas and birthday ideas. He does not currently have any type of electronic portable game/activit...


New Games

V.S. asks from Oklahoma City

My daughter is now 20 months and the poor thing has so much energy she gets board and starts acting up if I dont play with her long enough to do laundry or clean the...


Need Help on Christmas Gifts

B.F. asks from Indianapolis

i am struggling trying to get my brother to tell me what his 3 kids want for christmas, i know i am out of the current fads and have no idea what to get them, the 5 y...


"Hit and Miss" Toys from This Season

E.T. asks from Dallas

So what were the big "hit" toys this Christmas and what were some big "misses" for your kids? Our hits: for our 3 year old son was the Thomas Action Canyon train ...


Vtech - V.Smile TV Learning System

K.B. asks from Albany

I was thinking of buying the Vtech - V.Smile TV Learning System that hooks up to the TV and has the microphone, but am hearing of people having problems with them bre...


What to Buy 15 Month Old for Christmas??

3.B. asks from Cleveland

You'd think I'd have this down seeing as he is my THIRD boy. But I'm just at a loss! Every time I go out, I see tons of things for my older two. But when it comes to ...