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Best Backpack You Bought for Your Kids!

A.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on backpacks. My daughter starts kindergarten this fall and she is small for her age - so I don't want a backpack that overwhel...


Tips for Going Through Security/boarding Aircraft with Ten Month Old Busy Boy...

L.M. asks from Minneapolis

It'll just be my son Mason and I traveling this time. We have flown before, but Daddy was there to help with going through security and boarding. I'll have my son, ...


Your Favorite Toys & Books for a 1 Year-old

G.C. asks from New York

Hi moms, what are your favorite toys and board books for a 1 year-old? We have some Karen Katz books that my DD destroyed so I'm looking for some titles of sturdier l...


Flying Alone with an Infant and a Toddler

S.N. asks from Portland

I am getting ready to fly from New Hampshire to Oklahoma with my 6-month-old infant and my nearly-3-year-old daughter. I will be traveling alone, so does anyone have...


TANKINI Suggestions

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas They say everything changes after you have a baby. I never imagined how true that would be. I am looking for a tankini which will stay on, which look...


Winter Gear for DS

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- We're taking DS skiing this year. Just booked a midweek, non holiday, trip to VT, and will have him in full day ski school 10-3:30 called snow camp...


Poolside This summer...does Anyone Else Really Care How I Look?

E.M. asks from Chicago

I've never been one to hang out at the pool. I don't like hot weather and get pretty bored, plus I'm very fair and even with sunscreen, I feel like it isn't good for ...


Travel to San Francisco with 4 SMALL Kids

A.G. asks from Salinas

Hi Everyone, We are a military family living in central California. My husband has a break in late June and we feel like we should venture north a bit and see San F...


5 Yr Old Boy Who Did Not Want to Dress "Nice"

A.C. asks from Rockford

Hello ladies, I have a son who is 5 soon to be 6 in November. Well he is a very good boy he is very independent has his own style with cloths he likes the skate boa...


Plus Size Swimwear

A.M. asks from Kansas City

Anyone find a good fitting, with padded bra type, swimsuit in plus size? I am seraching for a new suit and don't want the "skirt" type chunky girl swimsuit.