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2 Negative Pregnancy Test, but Blood Test Positive.

J.H. asks from Detroit

Hello all ~ I have not had a period since August 10th. I have taken 2 HPT and both came back negative. (2 weeks ago and then 3 weeks ago) On Monday Iwent to the...


Pregnant. Do I Need to Get Blood Test?

A.S. asks from Atlanta

Hi there! I took a urine test yesterday and found out I'm pregnant with my second baby. Yay! We are currently self pay when it comes to any doctor appointments until...


Pregnant? Funky Results from Blood Test.

M.W. asks from San Diego

Hi all, so on Tuesday my Sister In Law had a urine test come back positive saying she was pregnant; however, today she got a call from the nurse saying that her blood...


Many Positive Home Pregnancy Tests but Negative Blood Test

C.S. asks from Austin

I am just now late for my period. I am a poas junky. I took 9 hpt tests in last 6 days and all were very positive. I used frer and ept digital. I went for a blood tes...


5 Day Late Period, Negeative Blood Test

M.T. asks from Des Moines

I am now 5 days late on my period. I am very regular, anywhere from 26-28 days. I have taken many HPT, all negative. I had a blood test done today, also negative. ...


"Low" HCG?

J.L. asks from Seattle

Hi Ladies, I'm currently pregnant with #2 (yay!!!!), but my doctor says that my HCG is low. A little background: My last period started on 3/16 and we actively t...


About HCG Levels

M.W. asks from Oklahoma City

I am pregnant with my first child about 7 weeks we dont know for sure yet 1st ultrasound tomarrow. thats another story in its self any way. My hcg level is in the 4,0...


Positive Home Test- Negative Blood Test.

R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

Has anyone had a positive home pregnancy test but then have negative blood work? I had 3 positive home tests today and then my doctor did blood work but it came back ...


Pregnant but Low hCG Levels???

H.H. asks from Dallas

Home pregnancy test and blood test show that I'm pregnant but have very low levels of the pregnancy hormone (hCG). For the past 2 weeks I've gone in for blood test an...


Low HCG Levels

A.P. asks from Omaha

Just wondering if anyone ever had a hard time with their HCG levels with any of their pregnancies, My first I had taken 4 or 5 tests and a blood test and they were al...