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Your Favorite Blogs...

S.P. asks from Houston

Several of my close friends have been telling me to start a family blog to share and document our family going-on's and stories. I kept putting it off....well, after ...


Homeschooling Blogs

M.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello my helpful mama friends, I am in serious need of a homeschool blog. Not that the moms here can't and haven't helped me, I think my questions are more suited ...


Journal Topic Suggestions

A.B. asks from Dayton

I have started a journaling group which will encourage moms to journal to their children for 52 weeks. Each week will provide a new topic. I was just wondering topi...


Is It Okay to Read Your Children's Journal?

E.D. asks from Seattle

Complete curiosity... spurred by a few other of today's questions. Is it okay to read your children's journal - or are journals private/off limits? Are there cert...


Blog Question

L.M. asks from Boise

Okay.. so I guess Blogs can be like a diary, or other types of sites to post personal things... Can anyone tell me how to start one and if it can be annonymous and...


Want to Start a "Hope for Lilyan" Blog. Update on CCAM and Recent Prayer Request

E.B. asks from Miami

Good morning Moms and Dads: Yesterday we saw the Fetal Therapist for our daughter who on Friday March 23 was diagnosed with a CCAM. Our daughters life flashed bef...


Fashion Blogs

E. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies - I need a little fashion advice. I went to a Holiday breakfast yesterday and felt like I could not pull a fun creative outfit together. I need to shop on a...


Journal for 6 Year Old

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I would like to start my 6 year old son on journal writing, or just a drawing in one to say feelings, ideas, recalling the day, or whatever he would want to write or ...


Travel Journal for Kids

A.D. asks from Dallas

We are planning a cross country road trip. I want to make sure that my daughter journals along the way but she is still young so I am looking for prompts to encourag...