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Third Pregnancy and Feeling Bigger Already

L.J. asks from Washington DC

I know I am most likely being silly, but this is my third pregnancy (I am only about a month into it) and I already feel like my stomach is larger. It looks larger -...


Trying to Concieve Question About Possible Pregnancy

B.J. asks from Miami

so ive been ttc since feb of this year, i got my period feb 22 it was ahead by a whole week i usually get it on the 28th of every month, that period wasnt normal at a...


First Pregnancy vs S. - WAY More Symptoms!

S.C. asks from Kansas City

Just wondered if anyone had this experience. I know that every pregnancy is different. But the longer I go on this one (and I am ONLY almost 12 weeks!) the more I'm t...


2Nd Pregnancy

Y.L. asks from Richmond

So do you start showing much much earlier the 2nd time around? I'm only 8 weeks and I feel like my belly is huge. I haven't even gained weight yet, but I feel like ...


Camouflaging Pregnancy Belly Until End of First Trimester

T.M. asks from St. Louis

I am about 10 weeks along with my third pregnancy and look like I did at 4 months with my first! My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage that was discovered at 13 w...


Anyone Had a Pregnancy Confirmed Just a Few Days After Concieving??

M.W. asks from Indianapolis

We still have to do another HCG level this weekend to confirm that it's still going up properly, but they have already confirmed the pregnancy after checking my level...


Did You Show Alot More Your Second Pregnancy Versus Your First?

C.C. asks from Chicago

Just curious - my first pregnancy I really didnt start showing until I was past 5 months. I am almost 14 weeks and although I've only gained 4lbs my stomach looks lik...


2Nd Question Set for Second Pregnancy

M.B. asks from Cincinnati

Hey Ladies, I'm hoping some of you that have had more than one child could share their earliest pregnancy signs? It's too soon for me to take a test but OH MY .......


Pregnancy and Constipation

S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone, has anyone had constipation so bad in the first trimester. i plan on talking to my doctor but, i was wondering if anyone maybe took a laxative or an ena...


Hernia from Pregnancy

T.W. asks from Syracuse

After two pregnancies, I ended up with a small hernia right where my belly button is. It's not visually noticeable but can be felt if I press down on my stomach. It...