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A Good Disinfectant for Granite

M.M. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know of a good Disinfectant cleaner you can use on Granite countertops? I am a germ freak (I have 2 kids) normally I use bleech on everything, however yo...


Looking for a Good Shower Cleaner

J.R. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for a new shower cleaner that works well and requires little scrubbing to get out the yucky grime and soap scum. I have trouble getting the mildew out of...


Cloth Diapers

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi... I know, this is my 3rd question in like 24 hours... but I am curious... We are going to be useing cloth diapers on our 4th babe. He is due in 3 months. I do...


Good Pretreater on Infant/toddler Clothes

S.K. asks from Cleveland

Do any of you know of a good pretreater for infant and toddler clothes? I soak my son's clothes in cold water and it does nothing. I've washed the clothes right away ...


Slimmy Baby Carrots

S.S. asks from Detroit

We do our shopping at Meijer and often when I buy Bolthouse Baby Carrots they are slimmy and slippery. Do they just need to be rinsed? or should I return them? If You...


Dry Erase Marker on the Wall

L.P. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know how to remove dry erase marker from the wall?! My four year old colored our kitchen wall with black dry erase marker!! We tried magic eraser and cl...


Well-Water Stains in toilet...yuck!

K.S. asks from Detroit

Recently moving from the city to the country, we now have a well. I have tried everything (so I think!) to get rid of the orangish stains that are in my toilets. My h...


Older Home with Musty and Weird Smells

J.A. asks from St. Louis

Our house is older, 1953, and there have been two owner before us. Both had cats and didn't clean the house very well, especially the last owner who was only there fo...


Colors Bled on New Shirt, How Do I Get the Stain Out?

J.H. asks from Detroit

Hi! My husband bought a ringer style tee-shirt for our 5 month old, and after washing it in Dreft prior to wear it, the dark green of the ringer bled all over the wh...


Disenfecting Bath Toys

B.A. asks from Detroit

Any recommendations on how to disinfect bath toys? My toddler loves playing with toys during bath time, and always puts them in his mouth. So I want to avoid chemic...